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Ropeless elevators to be showcased at the Germany pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai


The world’s first ropeless elevator for skyscrapers by Thyssenkrupp will feature at Expo 2020.

Known as Multi, the system can move multiple cars in a single shaft, vertically and horizontally, and has been selected as one of the lighthouse projects to be presented in the German Pavilion during the World Expo.

“Dubai is both a significant global business hub and a tourist destination. It’s a city that provides a platform for new inventions, attracting people and businesses from around the world. Multi will support this aim, demonstrating to those at Expo 2020 precisely how technology can support the growth of urban mobility,” said Peter Walker, CEO at Thyssenkrupp Elevator.

According to Arabian Business, Multi requires fewer and smaller shafts than conventional elevators and can decrease a building’s elevator footprint by up to 50 percent - current elevator-escalator footprints can occupy up to 40-percent of a high-rise building’s floor space.

As well as moving vertically and horizontally, Multi also moves on inclines. And instead of one cabin per shaft, it offers multiple cabins operating in a loop, resulting in a 50 percent higher transport capacity, as well as reduced waiting times for passengers.

The new technology, which was first revealed in 2017, removes height limitations and can be used for skybridges to shuttle from one building to another. It can be also used to open up new directions of travel in underground transport hubs.

Multi moves with a top speed of five to six m/s and requires dramatically lower peak power – as much as a 70-percent reduction when compared to conventional elevator systems.




“迪拜既是重要的全球商业中心,又是旅游胜地。这个城市为新发明提供了平台,吸引了来自世界各地的人们和企业。蒂森克虏伯电梯首席执行官彼得·沃克说:“ Multi将支持这一目标,并向2020年世博会的人们展示技术将如何支持城市交通的增长。”




多重运动的最高速度为5到6 m / s,并且所需的峰值功率大大降低-与传统电梯系统相比,降低了70%。

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