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Hitachi Elevator completes construction of H1 TOWER, one of world's tallest elevator testing facilit

On January 16, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. completed the construction of the H1 TOWER in Guangzhou, China. As a platform for Hitachi Elevator's global research and development and testing of Hitachi's leading-edge technologies, the H1 TOWER provides new impetus for the company's R&D innovation efforts.

The 288.8-meter tall building, which consists of an above-ground 273.8-meter tower and basement reaching 15 meters below ground, is one of the world's tallest elevator testing tower [1]. The tower, equipped with 15 test shafts, the total length of which, when measured as one uninterrupted continuum, exceeds 2.2km, inclusive of one world-leading shaft that is over 250m long, has the capability to develop and test a variety of technologies and conveyances with a load up to 5,000kg, including ultra-high-speed, double-car and high-capacity elevators as well as smart operation control systems.

The newly completed H1 TOWER, along with the G1 Tower in Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture, will play an important role in facilitating Hitachi's global development strategy and addressing a range of market needs both in China and worldwide.

Hitachi Elevator currently employs more than 1,400 R&D personnel and possesses in excess of 900 patent licenses in China. The R&D team has undertaken technology projects that, in China, have significance at the national, provincial or municipal level, hosted and participated in the formulation of more than 50 national industry standards, promoting growth and development across the electronic security, Internet of things, energy conservation, environmental protection and artificial intelligence sectors.

With the global advancement of the company's "innovative partners in the IoT era" project, Hitachi Elevator is also solving social problems through innovation-driven and actively-used data, promoting an "out-of-the-box" approach to challenges, delivering comprehensive solutions for transportation and system management within the many new buildings under construction or planned for construction in today's China, while stressing the creation of value through thought leadership.

[1] According to Hitachi's research in January 2020

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