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Shanghai kangchi(koms) elevator company introduction

Dear friends,today let me introduce our company to you:Shanghai Kangchi Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Our company is established in 2002.We are factory located in NO.1599,Fengpu Avenue,Fengxian District ,Shanghai,China.

Shanghai kangchi(koms) elevator company introduction 建筑 第1张

As the professional manufacturer, the types of our products include home( villa) elevator,passenger elevator,dumbwaiter ,goods elevators, other customized production of elevator .

                     Our qualifications

                      Our logo

We are a high-tech manufacturing company integrating production, research and development, installation, maintenance and modification.This is a qualified supplier for shanghai government purchasing center. This is the nominated supplier of BMW.This is the only factory who supplies villa elevators for United Arab Emirate Pavilion and clean elevator for Yuanda Pavilion in Shanghai World EXPO.

Home villa elevator

As manufacturer of home elevator,  we are the sole Chinese company ,who can make minimum 2700mm overhead height of home villa elevator at minimum 150mm pit depth.Our home elevator have traction machine type,hydraulic type and steel belt type.

And our new mini controller of home elevator is more small size and more multifunctional which is very popular in the overseas market .

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In addition, 2 sides opening door and 3 sides opening door are specially our patent.

Passenger elevator

Our passenger elevator has machine room type and machine roomless type.The capacity from 450kg-1600kg.The speed has 1.0m/s,1.5m/s or 1.75m/s.

Clean elevator

We are the leader of clean and dust-free elevator and the standard maker of clean and dust-free elevator.

The clean and dust-free elevator of Koms Smart Lift Equipment is especially suitable for the dust-free environment of hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, computer chip workshops, instrument laboratories, spraying workshops, semiconductor electronics industry, printed circuit board industry, plane display manufacturing industry, biochemical pharmaceutical industry and other highly precise industries.


Our Dumbwaiter are divided into general ,clean,explosion-proof and ship-use dumbwaiter.The capacity from 100kg-300kg,standard speed 0.4m/s,has window type and floor type.The cleanliness grade of clean dumbwaiter is 100, 000.

In addition,  frequency conversion speed of 1.0m/s, glass cabin, 2 sides opening are optional.

Freight elevator

Our freight elevator has machine room type and machine roomless type.The capacity from 1000kg-5000kg. Opposite door is optional.

Simple lift

Our simple lift are divided into traction machine and hydraulic simple lift. The capacity 1000kg-3000kg.

Some customers

Our products has sold to UAE, Myanmar , Australia, Philippines, South Africa,Sri Lanka,colombia,saudi arabia,maldives,Indonesia,Tunisia and so on, has built 3 agents in the world.

Dear friends,welcome to visit our factory .Hope to cooperate with you in the future.Thank you!

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